Why Is It Hard To Stop Being A Drug Addict?

Drug addiction is a multi-dimensional emotional and health problem that has been present in one form or another all through the history of mankind. One thing that makes drug addiction so hard to understand is the fact that it influences all social and economic groups equally and scientists have not found a direct cause for the development of drug addiction, because of the different biographies of those that are afflicted.

What is drug addiction? What makes it harmful? What can we do to address our problem with drug addiction? During this short article we will answer those three questions, so you can reach a better understanding of the World Drug Problem.

Drug Addiction

Medical science defines drug addiction as any type of unprescribed drug use, with the intent of changing one’s state of mind.

Drug AddictionThere are two ways a person can be addicted, speaking in broad terms, one can either have a physical or a mental addiction to a substance or behavior. Physical addiction is considered more dangerous and is associated with drugs like heroin and crack cocaine, while mental addiction is usually associated with less harmful drugs like marihuana.

There is no single theory that has explained the origin of our need for drug use and there are as many treatment methods as there are theories on the origin of addictive behaviors in a person.

Most contemporary psychologists, for instance, consider addictive behaviors to be a sort of system of emotional compensation that a person uses in certain periods of their lives.

Why is it Harmful?

Drug addiction can sometimes lead to compulsive behaviors that are concerned with the procurement and use of substances that can be harmful to our general health. Also, the compulsive behavior that some drug addicts display can be harmful to the people who are in their social environment.

What Can be Done?

Before seeking treatment one, first of all, has to understand the extent of their drug use problem and then proceed with a treatment method. Since there are many different types of drug use patterns a person can display, the treatment will differ depending on the pattern the drug addict in question displays.

One should take great care to enroll in a treatment program that is non-evasive, and that won’t cause additional emotional or physical damage to the person in question. This means that the treatment facilities and programs that offer understanding and emotional support have the most effect on the treatment of one’s drug use problem.