Recognizing the Signs of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a very serious matter. But when it comes to our friends, family, and co-workers, being able to recognize the signs of addiction can actually be life saving. Drugs can destroy lives, so if you suspect someone close to you has an addiction, it’s time to suggest help. Below are signs for recognizing drug addiction.

1.       Mood swings. If your loved one is suddenly acting uncharactiscally moody or temperamental, this could be a sign of addiction.  Drugs can often change a person’s temperament.

2.       Unable to meet responsibilities. If a person is missing work, school, or not helping out at home, this is a sign of addiction. The drug takes top priority in the addict’s life.

3.       There’s legal trouble. Drugs can often get the addict into legal trouble, whether it’s buying and selling, or simply using drugs and then getting into trouble. Any sign of a person suddenly getting into legal trouble is when it’s time to take action.

4.       Ignoring dangerous symptoms. If your loved one continues to abuse drugs, even when he knows the dangers, there is a problem. This is a sure sign of addiction because the addict doesn’t care about himself or others around them when it comes to safety.

5.       Problems with relationships. Often, a drug addict will begin to withdraw from friends and family. If you’re noticing a sudden urge to be alone or to ignore friends, this is a sign of addiction.


If you recognize any of these signs, get help immediately! Now is not the time to be fooled into thinking there isn’t a problem.

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